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Hong Kong's retail sales rebound in October as the city gradually moves away from its pandemic isolation and a new round of spending vouchers is rolled out - Bloomberg News

Asia's factories struggled in November as they contended with higher costs, weakening regional currencies and cooling global demand, and the pressure is set to continue in the months ahead - Bloomberg News

European stocks open higher - Bloomberg News

HM Revenue & Customs is preparing to write to more than 5,500 overseas companies that it suspects have failed to pay enough tax on the British properties that they own. - Financial Times

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More than 220 investors managing $30 trillion have signed up to a plan to push companies over social issues and human rights, with an initial focus on firms in the mining, metals and renewables sectors - Reuters News

Traders expect a damp squib; they could get dynamite instead - The Economist

Christine McVie: The songbird behind some of Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits - BBC News

Britain is the world's biggest regulated online gambling market, and one of the most liberalised - Bloomberg News

Successive UK governments have done little to tighten the rules in the last decade, as an ever-increasing number of politicians have developed closer ties to the industry - Bloomberg News

Myanmar democracy leader says 2,000 dead fighting junta, urges military aid - Reuters News

UK Govt spent large sums on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 120 million items are stored in China. Which Tory crony had the contract to buy them? From April to September 2022, the cost of storing was 16.3m = 32.6m a yr; paid out of public money. UK Govt funding China.

Germans are looking to cut back on non-essentials amid a cost of living crisis fuelled by rising energy prices. They surged as the world emerged from lockdowns in 2021 and have been pushed yet higher in the stand-off between gas-rich Russia and the West - Reuters News

Jerome Powell cements expectations the Fed will step down from its aggressive pace of tightening in December - Bloomberg News

U.S. Treasury's Yellen 'practiced and practiced' her signature for U.S. bills - Reuters News

Elon Musk risks giving a helping hand to Vladimir Putin if recent staff cuts prevent Twitter from rooting out propaganda about the war in Ukraine, an EU official warns - Bloomberg News

Last night, Govt defeated twice in the Lords on the Procurement Bill. Lords impose ethical procurement policy on Govt. Must not secure any supplies from those engaged in forced organ harvesting. Or from those advancing modern slavery. See Amnd 91 & 94. - Parliament UK Bills

Exclusive: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 12 other groups warned the European Union against adopting rules that could exclude Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other non-EU cloud services providers from the European market - Reuters News

Last month the dollar weakened against a basket of its peer currencies by the most since 2010, with a decline of 5% on the DXY index.

Chinese households still have enormous demand for real estate and the industry remains a key driver of growth, according to a senior researcher with the nation's top economic-planning agency - Bloomberg News

Not long ago, Sri Lanka was an economic success story. But global trends and local corruption have sent the country into a freefall - Bloomberg News

The value of banknotes in Venezuela ...

Full capitulation? - Twitter

Asian shares rise, dollar sways as slowing rate hike looms - Reuters News

Has anyone called on Rishi Sunak to correct the record or does the Ministerial code no longer matter? - Twitter

Protecting tenants in social housing from the full effects of inflation is set to cost 3.2 billion in lost income for England's public sector landlords, according to Moody's Investors Service - Bloomberg News

UK's FTSE 100 nears 6-month high as Powell signals slower hikes - Reuters News

Three years on, China is finally charting a path to rejoin the rest of the world in living with the virus - Bloomberg News

UK house prices post biggest slide since mid-2020: Nationwide - Reuters News

Chinese vice premier urges improvements in COVID measures as pathogenicity weakens - Reuters News

The battle between online users and censors in China has gone into overdrive, forcing people to develop novel strategies to circumvent censorship - Bloomberg News

@economics What a crazy world we are all living in.

Japanese schools are being asked to allow students to talk with classmates again during meals, after many enforced a strict silent lunch policy since the start of the pandemic - Bloomberg News

Believe in your dreams ... #mindset

Doctors and the Bank of England are identifying poor health as a major drag on the UK economy in comments aimed at putting the issue on the government's agenda - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk says Apple never considered removing Twitter from App Store - Reuters News

Singaporeans are seeing faster growth in their real income this year but the pace hasn't returned to pre-pandemic levels even after robust adjustments in pay, dragged by inflation near a 14-year high - Bloomberg News

The total value of fraud in three COVID-19 schemes totalled 4.5bn, of which the taxpayer is only going to get 1.1bn back, the head of HMRC has told MPs - Bloomberg News

UK broadens scope of cyber regulations to cover outsourced IT providers - Reuters News

UK doctors join BOE saying poor health is hurting the economy - Bloomberg News via @tetley_liza

India may be set to become third largest economy by 2030, overtaking Japan and Germany - CNBC

A rally in U.S. stocks and bonds powered ahead after a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, but some investors believe a looming recession could cap gains in both asset classes - Reuters News

Layoffs are starting to pile up at America's smallest firms - Bloomberg News

Dollar plunges to 3-month low vs yen as Powell says Fed to go slow - Reuters News

The New Zealand Government confirms via a freedom of information request that it has partner access to the takedown portal of Facebook and can therefore exercise censorship. - Twitter

Defiant pound sees biggest monthly rise since 2020 - but still trails most peers - Reuters News

A Hong Kong court on Thursday adjourned the high-profile trial of tycoon and China critic Jimmy Lai three days after authorities asked China's highest legislative body to decide whether to block foreign lawyers from national security cases - Reuters News

Chance that death of former leader Jiang Zemin could be a new rallying point for protesters in China. History of mourning/protesting after death of former leader in China. On social media, outpouring of grief and reminiscing about old era when China was freer & more open @AC360

China's top official in charge of fighting Covid-19 said the country's efforts are entering a new phase, a sign that Beijing may be seeking to amend its strategy - Bloomberg News

China softens tone on COVID severity after protests - Reuters News

Apple's most important iPhone assembly plant, run by Foxconn remains in a closed-loop operation that curtails workers' movement on campus - Bloomberg News

The yuan is closing in on a key milestone as hints of a China reopening fuel a burst of buying, but some analysts say the rally may soon pause - Bloomberg News

Ambulance workers to strike, further disrupting UK health service - Reuters News

Brexit has added 210 to food bills for the average UK household, with low-income families hardest hit, according to research from the London School of Economics - Bloomberg News

Government policies over the last decade which hampered the roll-out of onshore wind power in Britain might be adding close to a billion pounds to energy bills this winter, new analysis suggests - Bloomberg News

Life expectancy falling but UK Tory govt wants rapid increase in the state pension age Economic euthanasia awaits retirees\/young. Low wages = low pension = insecurity. Poor die earlier. Rich live longer, wealth will be transferred from poor to the rich. -

A fifth of British households are struggling to afford their water bills, according to regulator Ofwat, with young people particularly vulnerable to the cost of living crisis - Bloomberg News

Brexit is partly to blame for historically high inflation in the UK, Bank of England Chief Economist Huw Pill says - Bloomberg News

@BloombergUK People with excess cash savings should not be encouraged by the UK state to do anything. Another example of more unwanted UK Government interference in people's lives by the state.

Jackboot of the state to silence people. Clauses 19-34 of the Public Order Bill give police powers to stop someone from joining a peaceful protest even if they have never been convicted of an offence. Your freedoms vanishing in the Tory police state. - Parliament UK Bills

Airbus says a lack of infrastructure and supplies of suitable fuel could push back the launch of its planned hydrogen-powered planes - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong dollar extends rally, passing the midpoint of its trading band for the first time since February - Bloomberg News

Temperatures are poised to plunge next month in Northern Europe in what will be the first proper winter test for the region's fragile energy systems - Bloomberg News

After two years of fighting Covid tooth-and-nail, and excoriating Western nations that chose to live with the virus at the cost of millions of lives, China's rhetoric seems to be moving in a more nuanced direction - Bloomberg News

Try being trustworthy! Martin Lewis's advice to MPs seeking to restore trust in politics - The Guardian

The EU proposes to create a special international court to probe Russian actions in Ukraine, and to use frozen Russian assets to help rebuild the nation - Bloomberg News

More energy suppliers could go bust this winter potentially taking government payments intended for customers with them, the chief executive of British Gas owner Centrica has warned - Bloomberg News

A 125-year-old Indian conglomerate wants to double the acreage of oil palm plantations it manages over the next six years as the world's top importer looks to grow more - Bloomberg News

The world is emerging from the cheap-money era with a mountain of debt that's now getting painfully expensive - Bloomberg News

Remember why you started... #focus

Bank Indonesia expects the rupiah, which has slumped this quarter, to regain its strength heading into 2023, Governor Perry Warjiyo said - Bloomberg News

Businesses confidence drops in two separate surveys, reflecting a darkening economic outlook marked by recession and persistent inflation - Bloomberg News

Volatility in yuan spurs bets China will widen its band - Reuters News

Bank of England Chief Economist Huw Pill expects UK inflation to start falling next year, assuming natural gas prices stabilise and then start to drop - Bloomberg News

China will gradually relax Covid containment measures over the next seven months, resulting in a full reopening by mid-2023, Bloomberg Economics forecasts - Bloomberg News

JUST IN: French inflation unexpectedly stays at a record high, defying a slowdown in other parts of the euro zone - Bloomberg News

For years people assumed that this mountain of obligations would prevent rates from rising too much, because high rates would torpedo such a debt-laden economy. But that hasn't happened yet. The question is how long will it take and is that still in the cards.

The total debt owed by households, businesses and governments stands at $290 trillion, up by more than a third from a decade ago: IIF. This presents a big problem in a new high-rate era as this debt comes due and becomes much more expensive to roll over. - Bloomberg News

And the question has two question marks - because this one is going to really stump scientists.

@MetaNewsroom @facebook @instagram A bit more news for your Newsroom Meta Corporation

A sordid tale of UK FCO, BBC News, Reuters News, and Bellingcat collaboration to spin the news firmly in the direction of UK FCO narratives at a cost of millions of pounds of UK taxpayer's funds - The Gray Zone

China's factory and services activity has contracted further in November as a record number of Covid cases prompt widespread movement curbs, further damaging the economy's fragile outlook - Bloomberg News

Mark Nash, who had been bearish on bonds including Treasuries and credit, says there's value in emerging-market sovereign debt - Bloomberg News

NEW: Footage posted on social media shows violent protests flared again in locked-down part of south China - Bloomberg News

Thailand raises its key interest rate for a third straight meeting as economic recovery aided by tourism revival risks stoking prices - Bloomberg News

Asia stocks rebound despite disappointing China data - Reuters News

I want to thank Elon Musk from the bottom of my heart for getting all the bots off Twitter, ensuring the content moderation council is totally happening, improving the platform's functionality and making it "warm and welcoming to all", just like he said he would.

The EU has slashed its dependence on Russian energy this year, banning coal imports and readying an oil embargo. But one product is unlikely to face a boycott anytime soon - Bloomberg News

Bank of England consults on remaining Basel bank capital rules - Reuters News

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India's central bank is seen nearing rate-hike peak with funds buying shorter-maturity bonds - Bloomberg News

A 125-year-old Indian conglomerate wants to double the acreage of oil palm plantations it manages over the next six years as the world's top importer looks to grow more - Bloomberg News

Prices in UK stores rose at their highest rate since at least 2005 in November, with Britons battling soaring costs in the run-up to Christmas - Bloomberg News

Inflation in the Netherlands decelerates for a second month as advances in energy costs ease - Bloomberg News

Want a 4-day work week? Show this study to your boss. - Bloomberg News

Ofgem proposes new price controls for local electricity networks - Reuters News

Empty and collecting dust: These top London properties owned by sanctioned Russian oligarchs are now frozen in time - Bloomberg News

Several districts in #Guangzhou city lift #Covid lockdowns. Catering, tourism companies surge in Hong Kong.

The slump in Hong Kong's home prices will deepen next year due to the combination of rising borrowing costs, a recession and an exodus of residents, according to Natixis - Bloomberg News

There's no shortage of remarkable ideas, what's missing is the will to execute them. - Seth Godin #quote #WednesdayWisdom

COVID protests escalate in Guangzhou as China lockdown anger boils - Reuters News

Britain mulls buy now, pay later to make basic financial advice cheaper - Reuters News

Big tech returns in 2008 recession... $MSFT: -44% $AAPL: -57% $GOOGL: -56% $AMZN: -45% Big tech returns in 2020 recession... $MSFT: +43% $AAPL: +82% $GOOGL: +31% $AMZN: +76% Big tech returns in 2022 recession... $MSFT: -28% $AAPL: -20% $GOOGL: -34% $AMZN: -45%

Stocks dip while U.S. crude gains on China hopes - Reuters News

Even the men and women working at Japan's central bank are failing to get the pay raises Governor Haruhiko Kuroda believes are necessary to secure stable inflation - Bloomberg News

Handcrafted Swedish wood-burning stoves are a hot investment for Europeans worried about the energy crisis - Bloomberg News

Credit Suisse's turnaround depends on three critical metrics — and on all, the bank continues to face difficulty - Bloomberg News

UK car output will jump about 15% next year to 984,000 units, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders — still a far cry from the 1.3 million produced in 2019 - Bloomberg News

Don't let your past weigh you down. #successstory

Finance needs to shatter 'class ceiling', says UK report - Reuters News

Coffee pods, shopping bags, throwaway water bottles The EU is setting out plans to clean up packaging and cut waste heading for landfill - Bloomberg News

Prices in UK stores rose at their highest rate since at least 2005 in November, with Britons battling soaring costs in the run-up to Christmas - Bloomberg News

The streets become deserted and pedestrians are no longer in a hurry.

Hey @BBCNews where were you when 700,000 of us protested our own communist lockdown?

West African architects are reviving old building methods that keep homes cool in a hotter climate and have a low carbon footprint - Bloomberg News

Twitter not safer under Elon Musk, says former head of trust and safety - Reuters News

China police using vast toolkit of surveillance, individual intimidation against protesters. Some are getting calls/visits from police. A Beijing protester who got the call said police may have been calm during protest, but CCP knows how to exact punishment afterwards @AC360

Mistakes at UK COVID testing lab may have led to deaths of 20 people - Reuters News

Don't give up. #successstory

India's economy probably expanded at a slower pace last quarter as price pressures, rising interest rates and sluggish trade tempered demand in Asia's third largest economy - Bloomberg News

China's manufacturing and non-manufacturing activities both slip deeper into contraction in Nov. Manufacturing PMI at 48 Non-manufacturing PMI at 46.7

Does working from home improve or impair productivity? Depends on who you ask - Bloomberg News

Half of Britain's free-range Christmas turkeys lost to bird flu crisis - Reuters News

Wall Street is spending more than ever on technology designed to keep an eye on traders - Bloomberg News

Twitter core services latency reduced by ~400ms. Should feel noticeably faster.

UK fresh food prices climb record 14.3% in November — BRC - Reuters News

The UK government will relax the ring-fencing of banks as part of efforts to deregulate the City of London and get a "Big Bang" out of Brexit, a source says - Bloomberg News

Invest in yourself. You can afford it.

A relationship should be your happy place, not where you beg your partner to act right.

African Relaxing Music Tuko Pamoja - Youtube

@business How sad.

Why some cling to virtual property in the metaverse even as prices of most digital assets fall - Bloomberg News

After years out in the cold, investors are finally warming to commodity hedge funds again - Bloomberg News

Just took this on my phone, standing on my porch in central Reykjavik.

UK citizens who describe themselves as Christian dropped below 50% for the first time, according to new Census data - Bloomberg News

India cenbank to start pilot of retail digital rupee on Dec. 1 - Reuters News

"It's not back to normal" Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey says the UK government bond market is still suffering from the shocks of the past few months - Bloomberg News

Everyone is talking about a UK recession, but how bad will it be? - Bloomberg News

FTSE 100 at three-month highs on hopes of China easing COVID curbs - Reuters News

India, banks to discuss international trade settlement in rupees - source - Reuters News

Goldman Sachs sees 'high probability' of OPEC cut — and expects oil prices to hit $110 next year. - CNBC

Diphtheria infections rise in Britain, says UK health agency, citing migrant cases - Reuters News

Thailand will levy a tax on stock transactions for the first time in more than 30 years as the nation taps new revenue streams to fund post-pandemic recovery measures - Bloomberg News

Three stowaways, who survived 11 days at sea by clinging to the rudder of an oil tanker, are rescued by Spanish authorities - Bloomberg News

The two-minute rule specifies that you have to give someone an uninterrupted two minutes to explain their thinking before jumping in with your own. #principleoftheday (1/2)

Energy Secretary Grant Shapps says he's sure the UK will have enough natural gas this winter - Bloomberg News

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Investors bet protests will prompt Beijing to loosen Covid-19 curbs - Financial Times

Life is good.. #goals

China begins inquiries into weekend COVID protests - Reuters News

Ideally this shouldn't need saying.

Foreigners sold a record amount of gilts in September and October, as after-shocks from Liz Truss's chaotic mini-budget pulsed through UK debt markets - Bloomberg News

The Swiss economy gains momentum in the third quarter on domestic spending and trade - Bloomberg News

Dating apps and Telegram: How China protesters are defying authorities - Reuters News

#1 Google ranking with 100% AI-generated content. If it satisfies the intent, then it's capable of ranking.

German inflation in key states eases in November - Reuters News

Volkswagen has shuttered several of its Chinese manufacturing sites in the face of Covid restrictions, with no stated plans to re-open them. - Bloomberg News

Quick market update (been a while): currently $1.2018 & 1.1583. Stronger than pre-mini budget but weaker than earlier this yr 10yr bond yield at 3.1%. Much same story (except lower, not higher). Markets pricing in just over 4.5% peak in BoE rates next year. Similar story.

Indonesia says lithium, anode plants are being built to support EV ambitions - Reuters News

UK says will allow banks to take more risk to stay competitive - Reuters News

Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule. - Buddha #quote #TuesdayThoughts

The driving law that means a million drivers could owe a 1000 fine - The Independent

The UN cultural agency released a report warning that without "ambitious, rapid and sustained" climate action, the world's largest coral reef is in peril - Bloomberg News

Meanwhile, iPhone Pro wait times are hitting new highs, with customers waiting 37 days to receive the devices in the face of Chinese production disruptions. - Bloomberg News

UK mortgage approvals hit lowest since June 2020 - BoE - Reuters News

Chinese stocks rebound as Covid protest concerns ease - Bloomberg News

Vietnam smartphone exports fall ahead of Christmas as Samsung cuts output - Reuters News

Expats rank the best and worst cities to live and work - Bloomberg News

Hey @tim_cook, remember the 1984 Macintosh Ad? If Steve Jobs could see how you turned his vision into an oppression tool for the deep state committing mass surveillance and censorship against Apple users he would hate you. Who do you think you are disrespecting Steve like that?

Goldman Sachs is shifting some of its euro swaps trading desk to Milan from London, the latest example of roles moving to the continent after Brexit - Bloomberg News

Chinese #property developers in sharp rally on latest policy support - Twitter

City Latest: - FTSE 100 trades near its strongest levels of the day - HSBC one of the biggest gainers - Pound holding comfortably above $1.20 More: - Bloomberg News

UK is Germany's third export market, but we are concerned that trade between has continuously declined since the Brexit referendum. Britain has traditionally been Germany's fifth largest trading partner. In 2022 UK will drop out of the list of the TOP 10 (blue line)

Easy listening instrumentals - United Guitar Players -Spanish Acoustic Guitars - Bob Marley Instrumental - Youtube

Smog engulfs Indian capital as winter pollution worsens - Reuters News

Valencia, Dubai and Mexico City are the best cities for expats to live and work in, according to a new survey London? Not so good - Bloomberg News

Natural gas prices in Europe rise with frigid weather expected to start eroding gas inventories - Bloomberg News

Sterling gains against softening dollar - Reuters News

After it, the EU may complain about high food prices and shortages. Netherlands to close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU rules. - The Telegraph

Fewer than 1% of musicians generate the one million streams per month that is needed to earn just 12,000 a year from their music, a new report finds - Bloomberg News

English properties at risk of flooding to double in next 30 years without urgent investment, government warned - Sky News

House of Lords inflicted three defeats on the Govt last night over the Procurement Bill - first for the Sunak Govt. One clause treated the NHS differently from other public bodies - setting it up for privatization. Govt defeated. Proudly voted again the Govt in all three votes.

The thawing of ancient permafrost due to climate change may pose a new threat to humans: "zombie viruses" - Bloomberg News

China's ambassador to the UK has been summoned to the Foreign Office amid a diplomatic row over the arrest and alleged beating of a BBC journalist covering Covid protests in Shanghai - Bloomberg News

Fed officials keep doubling down on their hawkish talk, but markets keep shrugging them off. While Fed members say again and again they're not going to cut rates next year, traders are still pricing in more than two rate cuts by the end of 2023. - Bloomberg News

Harry Potter fans have spent 1 billion hours listening to JK Rowling's audiobooks on Audible - Bloomberg News

The number of UK citizens who describe themselves as Christian has dropped below 50% for the first time, new Census data reveals - Bloomberg News

High prices persist in the UK power market as low wind conditions continue to crimp supplies - Bloomberg News

Sell-side analyst opinion on SoftBank Group has tumbled to a six-year low as the Japanese technology giant refrains from new stock buybacks amid continued investment losses - Bloomberg News

Monday morning after Thanksgiving and coffee futures are up sharply. Coincidence?

EasyJet says enduring demand for flights should allow it to return to pre-pandemic levels of capacity by next summer, even in the face of soaring inflation - Bloomberg News

Yuan gains on hopes of COVID policy easing; dollar slides - Reuters News

The UK government scrapped plans to define and regulate "legal but harmful speech" from the Online Safety Bill as it prepares to bring the legislation back to Parliament next week - Bloomberg News

Analysis: China protests highlight Xi's COVID policy dilemma - to walk it back or not - Reuters News

Global yield curve inverts for the first time since 2000. - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk is putting everything on the line to give us more Internet freedom and free speech. That's exactly what the enemies of the people don't want. They want to keep you consuming their fake news and propaganda so that they can manipulate you. #ImWithElon

Global bonds join US peers in signaling a recession, with a gauge measuring the worldwide yield curve inverting for the first time in at least two decades - Bloomberg News