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The pound crosses above the $1.22 threshold, trading near the strongest level since mid-August City Latest: - Bloomberg News

Bank of England survey shows slowdown and easing price pressures - Reuters News

Hong Kong's retail sales rebound in October as the city gradually moves away from its pandemic isolation and a new round of spending vouchers is rolled out - Bloomberg News

Asia's factories struggled in November as they contended with higher costs, weakening regional currencies and cooling global demand, and the pressure is set to continue in the months ahead - Bloomberg News

European stocks open higher - Bloomberg News

HM Revenue & Customs is preparing to write to more than 5,500 overseas companies that it suspects have failed to pay enough tax on the British properties that they own. - Financial Times

More than 220 investors managing $30 trillion have signed up to a plan to push companies over social issues and human rights, with an initial focus on firms in the mining, metals and renewables sectors - Reuters News

Traders expect a damp squib; they could get dynamite instead - The Economist

Christine McVie: The songbird behind some of Fleetwood Mac's greatest hits - BBC News

Britain is the world's biggest regulated online gambling market, and one of the most liberalised - Bloomberg News

Successive UK governments have done little to tighten the rules in the last decade, as an ever-increasing number of politicians have developed closer ties to the industry - Bloomberg News

Myanmar democracy leader says 2,000 dead fighting junta, urges military aid - Reuters News

Germans are looking to cut back on non-essentials amid a cost of living crisis fuelled by rising energy prices. They surged as the world emerged from lockdowns in 2021 and have been pushed yet higher in the stand-off between gas-rich Russia and the West - Reuters News

Jerome Powell cements expectations the Fed will step down from its aggressive pace of tightening in December - Bloomberg News

U.S. Treasury's Yellen 'practiced and practiced' her signature for U.S. bills - Reuters News

Elon Musk risks giving a helping hand to Vladimir Putin if recent staff cuts prevent Twitter from rooting out propaganda about the war in Ukraine, an EU official warns - Bloomberg News

Last night, Govt defeated twice in the Lords on the Procurement Bill. Lords impose ethical procurement policy on Govt. Must not secure any supplies from those engaged in forced organ harvesting. Or from those advancing modern slavery. See Amnd 91 & 94. - Parliament UK Bills

Exclusive: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 12 other groups warned the European Union against adopting rules that could exclude Amazon, Google, Microsoft and other non-EU cloud services providers from the European market - Reuters News

Chinese households still have enormous demand for real estate and the industry remains a key driver of growth, according to a senior researcher with the nation's top economic-planning agency - Bloomberg News

Not long ago, Sri Lanka was an economic success story. But global trends and local corruption have sent the country into a freefall - Bloomberg News

Asian shares rise, dollar sways as slowing rate hike looms - Reuters News

Protecting tenants in social housing from the full effects of inflation is set to cost 3.2 billion in lost income for England's public sector landlords, according to Moody's Investors Service - Bloomberg News

UK's FTSE 100 nears 6-month high as Powell signals slower hikes - Reuters News

Three years on, China is finally charting a path to rejoin the rest of the world in living with the virus - Bloomberg News

UK house prices post biggest slide since mid-2020: Nationwide - Reuters News

Chinese vice premier urges improvements in COVID measures as pathogenicity weakens - Reuters News

The battle between online users and censors in China has gone into overdrive, forcing people to develop novel strategies to circumvent censorship - Bloomberg News

Japanese schools are being asked to allow students to talk with classmates again during meals, after many enforced a strict silent lunch policy since the start of the pandemic - Bloomberg News

Doctors and the Bank of England are identifying poor health as a major drag on the UK economy in comments aimed at putting the issue on the government's agenda - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk says Apple never considered removing Twitter from App Store - Reuters News

Singaporeans are seeing faster growth in their real income this year but the pace hasn't returned to pre-pandemic levels even after robust adjustments in pay, dragged by inflation near a 14-year high - Bloomberg News

The total value of fraud in three COVID-19 schemes totalled 4.5bn, of which the taxpayer is only going to get 1.1bn back, the head of HMRC has told MPs - Bloomberg News

UK broadens scope of cyber regulations to cover outsourced IT providers - Reuters News

UK doctors join BOE saying poor health is hurting the economy - Bloomberg News via @tetley_liza

India may be set to become third largest economy by 2030, overtaking Japan and Germany - CNBC

A rally in U.S. stocks and bonds powered ahead after a speech by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell, but some investors believe a looming recession could cap gains in both asset classes - Reuters News

Layoffs are starting to pile up at America's smallest firms - Bloomberg News

Dollar plunges to 3-month low vs yen as Powell says Fed to go slow - Reuters News

Defiant pound sees biggest monthly rise since 2020 - but still trails most peers - Reuters News

A Hong Kong court on Thursday adjourned the high-profile trial of tycoon and China critic Jimmy Lai three days after authorities asked China's highest legislative body to decide whether to block foreign lawyers from national security cases - Reuters News

China's top official in charge of fighting Covid-19 said the country's efforts are entering a new phase, a sign that Beijing may be seeking to amend its strategy - Bloomberg News

China softens tone on COVID severity after protests - Reuters News

Apple's most important iPhone assembly plant, run by Foxconn remains in a closed-loop operation that curtails workers' movement on campus - Bloomberg News

The yuan is closing in on a key milestone as hints of a China reopening fuel a burst of buying, but some analysts say the rally may soon pause - Bloomberg News

Ambulance workers to strike, further disrupting UK health service - Reuters News

Brexit has added 210 to food bills for the average UK household, with low-income families hardest hit, according to research from the London School of Economics - Bloomberg News

Government policies over the last decade which hampered the roll-out of onshore wind power in Britain might be adding close to a billion pounds to energy bills this winter, new analysis suggests - Bloomberg News

A fifth of British households are struggling to afford their water bills, according to regulator Ofwat, with young people particularly vulnerable to the cost of living crisis - Bloomberg News

Brexit is partly to blame for historically high inflation in the UK, Bank of England Chief Economist Huw Pill says - Bloomberg News

Jackboot of the state to silence people. Clauses 19-34 of the Public Order Bill give police powers to stop someone from joining a peaceful protest even if they have never been convicted of an offence. Your freedoms vanishing in the Tory police state. - Parliament UK Bills