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High prices persist in the UK power market as low wind conditions continue to crimp supplies - Bloomberg News

The number of UK citizens who describe themselves as Christian has dropped below 50% for the first time, new Census data reveals - Bloomberg News

UK ditches ban on 'legal but harmful' online content in favour of free speech - Reuters News

Dubai property prices are surging. Knight Frank says that's set to continue. - Bloomberg News

Prime Minister Sunak says UK's 'golden era' with China is over - Reuters News

Hong Kong is willing to tolerate sky-high borrowing rates and near term economic pain to defend its currency peg with the dollar in the wake of renewed attacks by speculators - Bloomberg News

EasyJet says bookings for next spring, summer look positive - Reuters News

Anwar Ibrahim implores Malaysia's civil service to cooperate with him, as the reformist prime minister faces an uphill task to win over the traditionally pro-establishment workforce - Bloomberg News

The Bank of England will start to sell the government bonds bought as part of its emergency action to halt recent chaos in UK markets - Bloomberg News

China will hold a briefing with officials from various health bodies to discuss Covid prevention and control measures Tuesday, as protests against the country's zero-tolerance Covid approach fuel speculation the government needs to change course - Bloomberg News

Global bonds join US peers in signaling a recession, with a gauge measuring the worldwide yield curve inverting for the first time in at least two decades - Bloomberg News

Global yield curve inverts for the first time since 2000. - Bloomberg News

Analysis: China protests highlight Xi's COVID policy dilemma - to walk it back or not - Reuters News

The UK government scrapped plans to define and regulate "legal but harmful speech" from the Online Safety Bill as it prepares to bring the legislation back to Parliament next week - Bloomberg News

Yuan gains on hopes of COVID policy easing; dollar slides - Reuters News

EasyJet says enduring demand for flights should allow it to return to pre-pandemic levels of capacity by next summer, even in the face of soaring inflation - Bloomberg News

Sell-side analyst opinion on SoftBank Group has tumbled to a six-year low as the Japanese technology giant refrains from new stock buybacks amid continued investment losses - Bloomberg News

Bank of England gets solid demand at 750 mln pound bond sale - Reuters News

Sterling edges up again dollar but outlook murky - Reuters News

Home sellers listed 24% fewer properties in October compared with a year earlier, the fourth straight month with a drop: Zillow data. Purchases also sank and are now 17% below their levels in October 2019, before Covid hit. - Bloomberg News

A survey of finance workers has found that some employees are simply ignoring return-to-work mandates - Bloomberg News

UK tells Chinese government to take notice of lockdown protests - Reuters News

A 500,000 cap on what sanctioned Russian oligarchs can pay their UK lawyers is being tested, after attorneys expected to represent billionaire Oleg Deripaska warn it's not enough - Bloomberg News

British lawmakers say business at risk from lack of chip support - Reuters News

Borrowing costs will continue to rise even as economic activity slows down in the face of record inflation, ECB President Christine Lagarde says - Bloomberg News

UK government moves to defuse parliamentary row over onshore wind - Reuters News

Hong Kong leader asks Beijing to rule on 'blanket ban' on foreign lawyers in national security cases - Reuters News

The UK has drawn up contingency plans for the Army to perform frontline roles as needed during winter strikes in the National Health Service - Bloomberg News

What you need to know about UK markets today: - Pound firmly down against dollar and euro - Gilts and stock remain lower - A closer look at housing market demand City Latest: - Bloomberg News

Sterling The pound has fallen 12.5% against the trade-weighted basis since the referendum, 19% against the dollar and 11% against the euro - Bloomberg News

Meta hit with 265 million fine for failing to prevent the leak of the personal data of more than half a billion users of Facebook - Bloomberg News

One of the European regulators policing Elon Musk's Twitter is "very concerned" about its ability to abide by EU rules - Bloomberg News

Spain is planning to scale back government subsidies for fuel at the pump by the end of this year to shift the focus to low-income customers - Bloomberg News

Cyber Monday sales to touch up to $11.6 bln as shoppers go discount hunting - Reuters News

Europe's south offers a warm welcome to energy migrants - Reuters News

Households across Britain could be paid on Tuesday evening to reduce electricity use as part of the National Grid's plan to avoid blackouts - Bloomberg News

The UK's winter is more likely to be milder, the Met Office says, potentially blunting the impact of soaring energy bills on households and the Treasury - Bloomberg News

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London-based hedge fund Tortoise is going against the tide to bet on the sinking shares of Facebook-owner Meta - Bloomberg News

Natural gas prices in Europe fluctuate, with traders focusing on cold weather and possible supply disruptions - Bloomberg News

After a string of successes, Xi is back in the trouble zone - Bloomberg News

China's protests over lockdowns spread to campuses and communities abroad - Reuters News

Thailand reports a surge in serious Covid-19 infections and deaths, just as the Southeast Asian nation is seeing a rebound in foreign tourist arrivals - Bloomberg News

Analysis: Vietnam's anti-graft crackdown chills supply chains, investment - Reuters News

Credit Suisse shares hit a fresh record low, putting them on track for their longest losing streak since 2011 - Bloomberg News