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Analysis: Vietnam's anti-graft crackdown chills supply chains, investment - Reuters News

Veteran fund manager Mark Mobius sees Bitcoin falling to $10,000, a fraction of its record near $69,000 - Bloomberg News

Indonesia extends loan relief for some pandemic-hit sectors - Reuters News

China's Covid PCR testing companies are coming under increasing public criticism for profiting off the country's controversial Covid-Zero strategy - Bloomberg News

Chinese shares listed in the US fall in premarket trading after nationwide protests in China against Covid Zero policies - Bloomberg News

China's protests over lockdowns spread to campuses and communities abroad - Reuters News

Brexit has barged its way back onto the political agenda in the UK Polling reveals mounting regret among the British people who voted to leave the EU in 2016, largely due to concerns about the economy - Bloomberg News

Swelling protests against China's virus-induced curbs may end up encouraging President Xi Jinping to accelerate the nation's exit from Covid-Zero, according to some market watchers - Bloomberg News

Comments from market watchers on the COVID-19 protests in China - Reuters News

EXCLUSIVE: Turmoil at Apple's key manufacturing hub of Zhengzhou is likely to result in a production shortfall of close to 6 million iPhone Pro units this year - Bloomberg News

BBC says Chinese police assaulted journalist covering protest - Reuters News

Brexit blow: exports to Japan slump after 'landmark' free trade deal - The Guardian

Hundreds of demonstrators and police clashed in Shanghai on Sunday night as protests over China's stringent COVID-19 restrictions flared for a third day and spread to several cities - Reuters News

China's strict Covid controls are leaving farmers with no option other than to destroy crops they can no longer sell, triggering concerns about food shortages and stirring outrage on social media - Bloomberg News

UK minister: No excuse for Chinese police beating journalists - Reuters News

A Chinese spy tried to steal GE's secrets. Instead, he got caught by the US???and gave the world an unprecedented glimpse into China's espionage apparatus. - Bloomberg News

Chinese stocks and the yuan falls as protests against Covid curbs erupt across cities, casting shadows over the nation's reopening path and putting investors on edge - Bloomberg News

A BBC journalist was "beaten and kicked by police" before being arrested during protests over Covid-19 measures in China - Bloomberg News

UK housing market seen facing further 'mini-budget' fallout - Reuters News

Oil drops to the lowest level since December as unrest in China hurt risk appetite and the outlook for demand, adding to stresses in an already-fragile global crude market - Bloomberg News

UK to launch new billion-pound home insulation programme - Reuters News

Amazon will wind down parts of its Indian operations, showing that even the crucial growth market with 1.4 billion consumers isn't immune to CEO Andy Jassy's cost-reduction campaign - Bloomberg News

Goldman says China may end its Covid Zero policy before April ??? earlier than widely expected ??? with some chance of a "disorderly" exit - Bloomberg News

China COVID cases hit fresh record high after weekend of protests - Reuters News

Comments from market watchers on the COVID-19 protests in China - Reuters News

Natural gas prices in Europe fluctuate, with traders focusing on cold weather and possible supply disruptions - Bloomberg News

The protests against China's Covid Zero strategy represent one of the most significant challenges to Communist Party rule since the Tiananmen crisis. How Xi responds to it may end up being just as pivotal for the country's future - Bloomberg News

Powell To Set Stage For Slowing Fed Rate Hikes Amid Hawkish Tone - BBG - Bloomberg News

Stagflation is the key risk for the global economy in 2023, while the dollar is set to extend declines, a new Bloomberg poll shows - Bloomberg News

Oiltumbles to the lowest level since December asunrest in Chinarattles investors - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong Oct home prices drop 2.4%, biggest fall in 4 years - Reuters News

European stocks open lower - Bloomberg News

There "simply isn't the money" to meet the demands of workers preparing to take industrial action, a top minister in Rishi Sunak's government says - Bloomberg News

India's annual GDP is forecast to slow to about 6% for a few years, according to economists including from Goldman and Barclays. And they say that's not such a bad thing - Bloomberg News

INDIA RUPEE Rupee seen lower at open on yuan-led losses on Asian currencies - Reuters News

More than 4,000 European doctors leave Britain's NHS following the Brexit vote in 2016, new research finds - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong's property market is in a rare downturn that's extending to the city's luxury homes - Bloomberg News

The irrepressible @TanyaOCarroll is suing @Meta on the basis of GDPR for abusing its monopoly position to collect vast amounts of intimate data on her with no opt-out. It strikes right at the heart of the surveillance-based business model. - The Times

The astronomic growth in the value of UK warehouse properties is coming to a juddering halt as rising interest rates outweigh hefty rent hikes - Bloomberg News

In Britain, the humble yet indispensable egg has fallen victim to an array of disruptions that's led to empty shelves in some stores - Bloomberg News

Shanghai rocked by protests as zero-Covid anger spreads. - Financial Times

Consumer sentiment in the euro area rises to a 5-month high, a sign of resilience among households at a time when the region is probably in recession - Bloomberg News

Twitter's new owner initially cut the firm's headcount in half - Bloomberg News

Why is the UK economy still struggling from a lack of people able to fill jobs? - Bloomberg News

Tory mouth piece Sunday Times is advocating charges for seeing GP and going to A&E without a GP referral. Plan for economic euthanasia to kill-off low/middle income people, spread disease, inflict misery, shorten life expectancy, tax cuts for the rich. - The Times

Malaysia PM Anwar eyes targeted subsidies for low-income groups - Reuters News

As China is running into major headwinds, India has the chance to emerge as a new global economic dynamo. This time it might happen - Bloomberg News

Twitter CEO Musk says user signups at all-time high, touts features of "everything app" - Reuters News

Shanghai hit by COVID protests as anger spreads across China - Reuters News

The bond market is zeroing in on a US recession next year, with traders betting that the longer-term trajectory for interest rates will be down - Bloomberg News