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UK PMI sticks near 21-month low as orders weaken - Reuters News

China's lack of intensive care hospital beds leaves the nation facing a slow exit from Covid Zero, likely stretching beyond 2023 - Bloomberg News

Covid continues to disrupt events in China, with at least two major automotive conferences affected as authorities tighten restrictions again in a bid to stem a rise in infections - Bloomberg News

Singapore's core inflation gauge eases for the first time in eight months, giving policymakers reason to refrain from tightening monetary policy amid mounting risks to economic growth - Bloomberg News

The head of a London business group accuses politicians of neglecting the UK's need for more workers, after Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer resisted calls for higher immigration - Bloomberg News

Euro-area businesses see tentative signs that the region's economic slump may be easing - Bloomberg News

Londoners are in the biggest rush to buy a home amid rental frenzy - Bloomberg News

Bank of England to raise Bank Rate by 50 bps in Dec, peak at 4.25% in Q1: Reuters poll - Reuters News

Britain mulls Swiss-style ties with Brussels > Hunt has signalled Sunak govt intends to remove to vast majority of trade barriers with EU. OBR on Thurs said Brexit had had "a significant adverse effect on UK trade." But move likely to infuriate ERG. - The Times

Rishi Sunak is looking at measures including a potential Swiss-style trade relationship with the EU - Bloomberg News

Musk says Trump's Twitter account to be reinstated after poll shows narrow support - Reuters News

Plummeting US mortgage applications may extend prepayment slowdown - Bloomberg News

US deploys bombers in response to North Korea missile tests - Sky News

Growers in upstate New York are figuring out how to keep a glut of cannabis fresh as the state stalls on retail licenses - Bloomberg News

Years after Brexit, British businesses are still suffering from lower sales as red tape makes it harder to export to the EU - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk is considering firing more Twitter employees as soon as Monday, this time targeting the sales and partnership side of the business after mass resignations among engineers on Thursday, sources say - Bloomberg News

San Francisco to host APEC summit in 2023 -U.S. VP Harris - Reuters News

Kamala Harris briefly met Xi Jinping on Saturday in Bangkok, a White House official said, as leaders of the world's biggest economies continue to cool tensions - Bloomberg News

The founder of Mastodon said Twitter has a "real chance of disappearing" under Elon Musk's management - Bloomberg News

The IMF says prospects for the world economy are more pessimistic than what it forecast last month as downside risks from the effects of Russia's war and persistent inflation materialize - Bloomberg News

Before the pandemic, more than half of companies polled in Asia said they expected their staff to work in the office full time. That number has fallen to 13% today - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk asks Twitter users to vote on reinstatement of Donald Trump - Sky News

Larry Summers says it's 'very risky' for the US to keep tearing down China instead of building on America's own economic strengths - Bloomberg News

COP27: UK, US others float new proposal on loss and damage -source - Reuters News

UK economy made worse by 'own goals' like Brexit and Truss mini-budget, IFS economist says - Sky News

NY Fed: Bank liquidity may be tighter than thought, with policy implications - Reuters News

Sir Keir Starmer has revealed that he has held discussions with former prime ministers Tony Blair and Gordon Brown about how to achieve his aim of becoming the country's next leader - Bloomberg News

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he wants to see more criminals locked up in UK jails - Bloomberg News

Prices of used cars slid in October for the fifth-straight month - Bloomberg News

Corporate leaders are watching their strict return-to-office policies backfire - Bloomberg News

The mass exodus of employees at Twitter means it's just a matter of time before the platform succumbs to a major glitch - Bloomberg News

Farmers are hoping the next viral hit will be veggietok - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk encourages Twitter engineers to fly in for in-person meetings -email - Reuters News

Christmas chaos in Australia has been averted for now as a tugboat lockout is blocked - Bloomberg News

Here's the latest news and analysis on Malaysia's elections - Bloomberg News

Google struck $360-mln Activision deal to block rival app store, lawsuit says - Reuters News

Eton College boys 'booed' visiting state schoolgirls - BBC News

Rising ill-health among British workers will cause a million to drop out and fall onto welfare in the next few years, leaving taxpayers to pick up a 7.5 billion bill, according to the government's official forecaster - Bloomberg News

Analysis: Tough budget leaves UK's growth challenge unmet - Reuters News

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak says he wants to see more criminals locked up in UK jails - Bloomberg News

A surprising month of positive data, particularly on retail sales, suggest that a soft landing can be achieved if central bankers can thread the needle - Bloomberg News

Rishi Sunak to stop daily interviews with ministers on morning shows - Sky News

After 12 years in power, UK Tories are asking if there's any way back - Bloomberg News

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has punished taxpayers while putting off the toughest decisions until after the next election, in the hope that they won't have to be made. - Bloomberg News

Sources say Twitter has closed its offices and cut staff access until Monday. The news comes as hundreds of employees leave the company following an ultimatum from new CEO Elon Musk - Reuters News

Sri Lanka is in talks with the United Nations Development Program and other agencies for a program that involves restoring a degraded eco-system in exchange for canceling debt - Bloomberg News

Britain's middle-income households will be hit hardest by an "unprecedented" collapse in living standards, stagnating wages and tax increases - Bloomberg News

UK retail sales recover only partially as outlook darkens - Reuters News

Higher taxes look to be here to stay, says IFS - BBC News

Traces of explosives found at site of damaged Nord Stream pipelines - Sky News