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Goldman Sachs' first wealth management product in China raised only a fraction of the average amount of rivals - Bloomberg News

ECB President Christine Lagarde says interest rates may need to be lifted to levels that restrict economic expansion in order to drive down inflation - Bloomberg News

The UK lending market is so bad that consumer credit firms are offering investors massive premiums to stay invested in their debt - Bloomberg News

Not a great day for social media. Twitter is hemorrhaging staff and facing a possible national security review by Congress. - Bloomberg News

Britain's Nationwide says savings could limit mortgage downturn - Reuters News

London's rental market is brutal - Bloomberg News

Nord Stream leaks confirmed as sabotage, Sweden says - Reuters News

In Denmark, frustration over the central bank's inability to respond to surging prices has sparked a debate about the krone's peg to the euro - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk will have to increase the number of Twitter moderators in Europe, according to the EU's internal market commissioner - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong's leading crypto retail operator says it ceases trading as FTX fallout roils sector - Reuters News

Ireland bet big on Big Tech and is now struggling in the face of layoffs. "Ireland really bet the farm on the future of tech almost at the expense of everything else." - Financial Times

Action to tackle soaring UK inflation probably isn't over, says BOE Chief Economist Huw Pill - Bloomberg News

A long time ago came a man on a track Walking thirty miles with a sack on his back - Youtube

As many laid-off tech workers look for new jobs, climate startups are growing ??? and hiring for the same skills - Bloomberg News

The USS USS Gerald R. Ford, the "biggest badass" warship in the world, moors off the south coast of England in its first foreign deployment - Bloomberg News

Many US oil refineries are finding that paying fines is actually cheaper than spending big on green upgrades - Bloomberg News

Fast car - Youtube

UK mortgage rates are set to stay close to 5% for the next five years as the era of low interest rates comes to an abrupt end - Bloomberg News

Doctor Hunt tends to an economy in intensive care - Financial Times

Hunt's tax rises and spending cuts aim at plugging a gaping hole in the UK's public finances and restoring confidence among investors - Bloomberg News

Jeremy Hunt's first budget pushes the idea of stability as he draws a final line under the market chaos that followed his predecessor's fiscal plans - Bloomberg News

ANALYSIS: An Autumn Statement that borrowed much from Labour in tax rises and spending priorities. But none of it can't detract from the hard reality hitting households and how that could hurt a Tory party already 20+ points behind in the polls - Sky News

Pound, stocks and gilts all finish the session in the red after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt delivered a series of tax hikes and spending cuts - Bloomberg News

APEC host Thailand's budding marijuana industry faces backlash - Reuters News

Jeremy Hunt targets wealthy people and energy companies in a 55 billion package of tax rises and spending cuts - Bloomberg News

The national living wage is to increase to 10.42 an hour from next April, giving a pay boost to an estimated two million workers - Bloomberg News

J.P.Morgan predicts a mild U.S. recession next year - Reuters News

Rishi Sunak ditches plan to class China as a 'threat' to UK security. "What more evidence does [Sunak] need that they are threatening our very values and the way we live our lives?" asked @MPIainDS 1/2 - Politico Europe

Nancy Pelosi stepping down as Democratic leader in the House - Sky News

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the sidelines of the G-20 summit to talk about energy prices Latest updates from Bali: - Bloomberg News

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The wrong Americans are buying electric cars, which limits their impact on reducing emissions - Bloomberg News

The pound has extended gains above $1.18 as UK wages rise, also benefitting from the weaker dollar Follow City Latest for live updates all day - Bloomberg News

Vodafone is one of the worst performing stocks in the FTSE 100 this morning, after it said high energy costs and inflation impacted financial performance Follow City Latest for live updates - Bloomberg News

Dollar holds firm as Fed officials say hikes to continue; yen slides - Reuters News

JPMorgan is on the hunt for buyouts to lend to after avoiding the dozens of clunkers that have cost competitors billions of dollars - Bloomberg News

NEW: Rishi Sunak refuses to apologise six times for the economic turmoil caused by Truss. The fall-out of which be felt by all of us later this week as Sunak plugs a black hole made bigger by the actions of the Conservative govt - Sky News

UK stocks are the most disliked among investors, according to Bank of America - Bloomberg News

US household debt climbed at the fastest annual pace since 2008 in the third quarter, with credit-card balances surging even as the interest rates that lenders charge to consumers hit a multi-decade high - Bloomberg News

The UK government is close to an agreement with regulators over insurance capital reforms intended to release billions of pounds of investment into the economy - Bloomberg News

A US recession is highly likely in the next 12 to 18 months: Here's why the author doesn't share the Fed's optimism - Bloomberg News

Rishi Sunak will hold talks with Xi Jinping on Wednesday, becoming the first UK prime minister to meet with the Chinese president in almost five years - Bloomberg News

China's share of global passenger EV sales has gone from 26% in 2015, to 48% in 2021, to potentially more than 60% this year - Bloomberg News

Median pay rises are continuing to fall behind inflation after remaining at 4% in recent months, according to a new report - Bloomberg News

Stray Russian Rockets Kill 2 in Poland, AP Says. - Bloomberg News

Google's parent company needs to take "aggressive action" to reduce expenses and headcount, TCI Fund Management said in a letter - Bloomberg News

UK PM Sunak urgently looking into reports of missile strike in Poland - Reuters News

China's property slump is estimated to cost the nation's banking system as much as $212 billion in losses on loans, bonds and other assets, according to UBS - Bloomberg News

Missile strike on Poland may be deliberate attempt to test NATO - but overreacting risks dangerous escalation - Sky News

China's home prices fell the most in seven years in October, underscoring the depths of the downturn that prompted policy makers to bail out the sector - Bloomberg News