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U.S. FBI director says TikTok poses national security concerns - Reuters News

Goldman paid well over $12 million to a female ex-partner who alleged the firm was a toxic workplace for women. It's likely among the largest such payouts in Wall Street history - Bloomberg News

Chinese leader Xi Jinping is getting more comfortable without a mask on - Bloomberg News

China's GDP is now expected to expand 5.4% next year, according to ANZ's upgraded forecast - Bloomberg News

White House says it cannot confirm reports out of Poland - Reuters News

Myanmar, climate and economy on agenda for U.S. VP Harris in Asia - Reuters News

In the past 24 hours, an estimated dozen or so employees have been let go after openly rebuking Musk, who has called himself a "free speech absolutist," sources say - Bloomberg News

Jobless rate rises as UK prepares to tighten belts again - Reuters News

ECB Will Increase Interest Rates Further, Holzmann Says - Bloomberg News

Thailand will start issuing one-year visas to people seeking medical treatment, as the Southeast Asian nation positions itself as a global hub for health-care tourism - Bloomberg News

Singapore's retail space rentals are lagging the recovery seen in broader economic activity after it ended Covid curbs - Bloomberg News

Are you aware that Twitter uses an algorithm to decide which tweets to show top tweet feed that around 50% of Twitter users are using? Here are the most important ranking signals for the Twitter feed. - Susanna Gebauer

Sunak to meet India's Modi, China's Xi at G20 - Reuters News

Musk to relaunch Twitter's blue check subscription on Nov 29 - Reuters News

The Guardian view on mass unemployment: inflation will drop without this pain | Editorial - Guardian

Mr Sunak will become the first prime minister to meet Xi Jinping face to face in almost five years - Sky News

Americans made up 14.5% of all overseas prime London property purchases in the first half of 2022, according to data compiled by Knight Frank - Bloomberg News

No concrete evidence on who fired missile, Poland's Duda says - Reuters News

LATEST: Initial findings suggest the rocket that hit Poland was fired by Ukrainian forces at an incoming Russian missile, AP reports citing unnamed US officials - Bloomberg News

Unconfirmed report of Russian missiles hitting Polish village sparks worries across NATO - Reuters News

If the Central Binance Bank had existed this year, how many projects would it have saved? - Bloomberg News

Sustained UK public spending cuts after 2010 were unprecedented and hit the poorest in society the hardest. Now they're coming back - Bloomberg News

China's top economic planning agency said it will make stabilizing the economy a higher priority to sustain growth in the remainder of the year - Bloomberg News

U.N. chief 'very concerned' by reports of missile exploding in Poland - Reuters News

UK inflation rises more than expected to a 41-year high of 11.1%, adding to pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates again - Bloomberg News

Years after Brexit, British businesses are still suffering from lower sales as red tape makes it harder to export to the EU - Bloomberg News

Here's where London bankers will go to drown their sorrows after the autumn budget is announced. - Bloomberg News

UK inflation hits 41-year high of 11.1% as Hunt readies budget - Reuters News

Biden calls UK closest ally and closest friend in meeting with PM Sunak - Reuters News

China's home prices see biggest fall in 7 years, recovery bumpy - Reuters News

Fear and panic grips Chinese city rumored to be a test case for exiting Covid Zero, with parents keeping children home from school and subways empty - Bloomberg News

Sunak's meeting with China's Xi at G20 cancelled - Guardian newspaper - Reuters News

Indian government may need to cut spending in other areas and dip into small savings to meet the extra expenditure - Bloomberg News

Five charts every investor should be watching - Bloomberg News

Russia's Medvedev says Polish missile incident shows West moving closer to world war - Reuters News

In his meeting with President Xi, @potus underscored that the U.S. and China must work together to address transnational challenges ??? such as climate change, global macroeconomic stability including debt relief, health security, and global food security. - White House

This month's rally in UK retail stocks has hit a road bump as soaring inflation threatens to weigh further on discretionary spending while adding to cost pressures - Bloomberg News

House prices in the UK may fall by as much as 20% as the Bank of England pushes up the costs of borrowing, according to a study by Bloomberg Economics - Bloomberg News

US retail sales posted the biggest increase in eight months in October, indicating demand for goods is broadly holding up despite decades-high inflation and a worsening economic outlook - Bloomberg News

It may require a US recession to bring down inflation: Fed official. "I'm looking at a labor market that is so tight, I don't know how you continue to bring this level of inflation down without having some real slowing:" Kansas City Fed President George - Wall Street Journal

A weak pound can translate into an effective pay cut for professionals at multinational firms - Bloomberg News

Tony Brenton, former UK Ambassador to Russia says Vladimir Putin may be willing to negotiate a peace deal in Ukraine, if "sensible bases for a negotiation emerged" More: - Bloomberg News

Singapore's state-owned investor Temasek invested between $200 million and $300 million into FTX before its implosion, & is prepared to write off the whole position. - Bloomberg News

NATO allies wake up to Russian supremacy in the Arctic - Reuters News

British spy chief: Iran tried 10 times to kidnap or kill UK-linked individuals - Reuters News

Russia, China and other foreign states are targeting the private communications of British politicians and business leaders, the head of MI5 warns - Bloomberg News

UK staff at firms ranging from big banks to small startups have been asking their employers: "Could you pay me in dollars instead of pounds?" - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk tells Twitter staff to work long hours or leave - XYZ

Bank of England policy makers led by Governor Andrew Bailey set out their outlook for the UK economy as inflation reaches its highest level in 41 years - Bloomberg News

Rishi Sunak says he didn't discuss a prospective trade deal with the US when he met with President Joe Biden on Wednesday - Bloomberg News