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NATO allies wake up to Russian supremacy in the Arctic - Reuters News

British spy chief: Iran tried 10 times to kidnap or kill UK-linked individuals - Reuters News

Russia, China and other foreign states are targeting the private communications of British politicians and business leaders, the head of MI5 warns - Bloomberg News

UK staff at firms ranging from big banks to small startups have been asking their employers: "Could you pay me in dollars instead of pounds?" - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk tells Twitter staff to work long hours or leave - BBC News

Bank of England policy makers led by Governor Andrew Bailey set out their outlook for the UK economy as inflation reaches its highest level in 41 years - Bloomberg News

Rishi Sunak says he didn't discuss a prospective trade deal with the US when he met with President Joe Biden on Wednesday - Bloomberg News

UK CPI rose to 11.1% from a year ago, the highest in 41 years and exceeding analyst expectations of 10.9%. Inflation is now more than five times higher than the BOE's 2% target despite eight increases in the benchmark lending rate in the past year. - Bloomberg News

With more employers demanding workers return to the office, disputes over working from home are on the rise - Bloomberg News

The risk that Russia's war could escalate into a global confrontation is very real - Bloomberg News

Europe's eye-watering diesel prices are a painful reminder for policymakers that security of supply still matters - Bloomberg News

Poland may not have to launch NATO art. 4 procedure, says PM - Reuters News

The pound continues to hold near $1.19 and is climbing along with most of its Group-of-10 peers at the expense of the dollar City Latest: - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk says he will find a new leader for Twitter - Reuters News

Elon Musk gives Twitter employees an ultimatum: commit to an "extremely hardcore" transformation process or accept three months severance - Bloomberg News

Vandalism freed thousands of mink at a rural Ohio farm, leaving an estimated 10,000 of the small carnivorous mammals unaccounted for, the AP reports - Bloomberg News

BoE's Bailey: 'very tight' labour market key to rates outlook - Reuters News

Vietnam is set to follow Indonesia and South Africa with a climate financing package of at least $11 billion to shift its economy away from coal and boost the rollout of renewable energy sources - Bloomberg News

UK to turn page on 'Trussonomics' with budget plan - Reuters News

Responding to Zelensky's remarks tonight, a NATO country diplomat told me: "This is getting ridiculous. The Ukrainians are destroying [our] confidence in them. Nobody is blaming Ukraine and they are openly lying. This is more destructive than the missile." - Financial Times

NATO, Poland say missile was Ukrainian stray, easing fears of wider war - Reuters News

Twitter, which fired thousands of employees since being bought by Elon Musk, was sued by a former contractor for failing to give proper notice, final pay and to reimburse his expenses - Bloomberg News

World leaders descended on Bangkok for APEC, the last of three major summits in the region. Follow the latest updates - Bloomberg News

The UK's National Health Service is falling behind in efforts to clear its backlog - Bloomberg News

Lab-grown meat cleared for human consumption by U.S. regulator - Reuters News

U.S. Treasury's Yellen says crypto markets need better oversight - Reuters News

Snowdon's English name dropped in favour of Welsh - BBC News

Bank customers are the most enthusiastic about using the British pound for global payments since mid-2016, around the same time the UK voted to quit the European Union - Bloomberg News

Rishi Sunak pledges to release his tax records within a year, the first UK prime minister to do so since 2016 - Bloomberg News

UK banks say consumer safeguard could backfire in cost of living crisis - Reuters News

FTSE 100 slips as miners slide, inflation hits 41-year high - Reuters News

China's daily Covid cases surged again as top cities struggle to get persistent outbreaks under control - Bloomberg News

A migration group in Beijing warned members to clean up their practices as interest among Chinese citizens to go overseas surges with a loosening of Covid restrictions - Bloomberg News

Step back and imagine a world in which Europe gets a little bit luckier - Bloomberg News

A case of buyer beware is playing out in Dubai, home to one of the world's biggest property booms - Bloomberg News

Vicky Bowman: Former UK ambassador among hundreds released in Myanmar - BBC News

Higher-than-expected inflation is taking a toll on UK consumers' grocery shopping, spelling food poverty for many families - Bloomberg News

Twitter's ex-CEO Jack Dorsey says will not retake role - Reuters News

Myanmar releases four foreign prisoners including Australian economist, former UK ambassador, and Japanese filmmaker. The release is part of an amnesty to mark the 102th anniversary of its National Victory Day - Bloomberg News

Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to hold his first in-person meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida on Thursday, the latest in a series of summits that appeared aimed at calming tensions with US allies - Bloomberg News

Dollar steadies as U.S. spending points to rate hikes - Reuters News

As recession looms, British business sends out lending SOS - Reuters News

The cracks in the US #Treasury #bond market - FT *Link: - Financial Times

...And excessive debt, and weak productivity growth, and protectionism, and aggressive printing... - CNBC

Here's what to look out for in UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt's Autumn Statement to the House of Commons today - Bloomberg News

Chinese regulators ask banks to report on their ability to meet short-term obligations after a rapid selloff in bonds triggered a flood of investor withdrawals from fixed-income products, sources say - Bloomberg News

Members of Dubai and Abu Dhabi's royal families are among investors backing a London-based AI startup, sources say - Bloomberg News

North Korea fires missile, vows 'fiercer' response to U.S., allies - Reuters News

Elon Musk will be creating room for competitors of Twitter to emerge if he breaks the "ethos" of the influential social media company, former Chairman Patrick Pichette says - Bloomberg News

Astronomer mistakenly banned from Twitter over "intimate" meteor video - BBC News