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China's top economic planning agency said it will make stabilizing the economy a higher priority to sustain growth in the remainder of the year - Bloomberg News

U.N. chief 'very concerned' by reports of missile exploding in Poland - Reuters News

UK inflation rises more than expected to a 41-year high of 11.1%, adding to pressure on the Bank of England to raise interest rates again - Bloomberg News

Years after Brexit, British businesses are still suffering from lower sales as red tape makes it harder to export to the EU - Bloomberg News

Here's where London bankers will go to drown their sorrows after the autumn budget is announced. - Bloomberg News

UK inflation hits 41-year high of 11.1% as Hunt readies budget - Reuters News

Biden calls UK closest ally and closest friend in meeting with PM Sunak - Reuters News

China's home prices see biggest fall in 7 years, recovery bumpy - Reuters News

Fear and panic grips Chinese city rumored to be a test case for exiting Covid Zero, with parents keeping children home from school and subways empty - Bloomberg News

Sunak's meeting with China's Xi at G20 cancelled - Guardian newspaper - Reuters News

Indian government may need to cut spending in other areas and dip into small savings to meet the extra expenditure - Bloomberg News

The wrong Americans are buying electric cars, which limits their impact on reducing emissions - Bloomberg News

The pound has extended gains above $1.18 as UK wages rise, also benefitting from the weaker dollar Follow City Latest for live updates all day - Bloomberg News

Vodafone is one of the worst performing stocks in the FTSE 100 this morning, after it said high energy costs and inflation impacted financial performance Follow City Latest for live updates - Bloomberg News

Dollar holds firm as Fed officials say hikes to continue; yen slides - Reuters News

JPMorgan is on the hunt for buyouts to lend to after avoiding the dozens of clunkers that have cost competitors billions of dollars - Bloomberg News

Here are the top tricks from neurologists on how to take brain breaks and achieve an ideal workday - Bloomberg News

UK shopworkers are facing more verbal abuse and threats from customers than before the pandemic, as a worsening cost-of-living crisis ratchets up tension in retail stores - Bloomberg News

Musk says Twitter will let organizations identify their associated accounts - Reuters News

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is expected to delay much of the 55 billion of savings to fill the hole in the public finances until after the next election - Bloomberg News

Jeremy Hunt refutes the premise that Brexit will make Britain poorer but acknowledges that quitting the EU came with costs - Bloomberg News

Importing nations face ballooning costs for staples from grains to vegetable oils, signaling that food insecurity is worsening - Bloomberg News

Pink Floyd has been trying to sell its music catalog all year. Read about everything that's gotten in the way. - Bloomberg News

Coastal regions along the Baltic, Mediterranean and North Sea are almost certain to see temperatures exceeding historical averages - Bloomberg News

Economists see Indonesia's central bank raising its benchmark interest rate faster and sooner than previously expected - Bloomberg News

India's wheat planting gathers momentum, acreage up nearly 10% - Reuters News

British trade minister visits Washington - Reuters News

China and India ??? two of the world's biggest emitters of greenhouse gases ??? should be excluded from paying compensation as they are still developing economies, the minister said at COP27 - Bloomberg News

Once the world's hottest stock, Sea has crashed, costing its founders $32 billion - Bloomberg News

Shanghai reports 2 symptomatic, 13 asymptomatic COVID cases for Nov 13 - Reuters News

UK recruiters plan record pay rises but real wages lag inflation, survey shows - Reuters News

Chinese and US assets will be key focuses for traders when activity in major macro markets gets underway for the new week in the Asia-Pacific on Monday - Bloomberg News

China's growth momentum likely lost steam in October and more economic pain could be on its way - Bloomberg News

Asia shares pause as Fed warns against exuberance - Reuters News

IMF says global economic outlook getting 'gloomier', risks abound - Reuters News

It may be one of the last countries to let travelers in ??? and it's not China - CNBC

Indonesia will make another attempt to enact far-reaching reform for its financial system that could include expanding the central bank's mandate and paving the way for debt monetization during crises - Bloomberg News

Carry traders' search for an alternative currency to fund bets in emerging markets has yielded a surprise winner -- the Aussie dollar - Bloomberg News

Hedge fund manager performance is slipping, right at the moment when their clients most need them to soften the blows from a ferocious selloff - Bloomberg News

Thailand became a global dumping ground for plastic trash. Now some people want to ban it - Bloomberg News

The power technology giants wielded over the US stock market for years as it surged to record highs has been greatly diminished by the bust of 2022 - Bloomberg News

Economists see Indonesia's central bank raising its benchmark interest rate faster and sooner than previously expected - Bloomberg News

Chip delivery times shrank by 6 days in October, the biggest drop since 2016, adding evidence that demand for electronic components is falling off quickly - Bloomberg News

The UK government must loosen migration rules, reform the planning system and extend tax relief for urban businesses, Britain's biggest business group said - Bloomberg News

Visa has terminated global debit card agreements with FTX - Reuters News

The IMF said prospects for the world economy are more pessimistic than what it forecast last month as downside risks from the effects of Russia's war and persistent inflation materialize - Bloomberg News

China reports 16,203 new COVID cases for Nov 13 vs 14,878 a day earlier - Reuters News

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak plans to call for the G-20 summit to help end the war in Ukraine by closing loopholes exploited by Russian President Vladimir Putin for years - Bloomberg News

Global banks are recalibrating their plans to conquer China's $56 trillion financial market as they quietly cut jobs and brace for staff exits - Bloomberg News

UK needs to make politically unpopular reforms to boost growth, business group says - Reuters News