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All that data's got to live somewhere, and the EU wants it nearby - Bloomberg News

Former UK PM Johnson has earned 1 mln pounds for speeches since quitting - Reuters News

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has sold 22 million shares worth $3.58 billion in the electric-vehicle maker this week - Reuters News

British nurses begin first ever strike as pay dispute deepens - Reuters News

The Bank of England is likely to slow the pace of interest-rate rises as it balances risks from high inflation with concerns overly aggressive action might deepen the recession ahead - Bloomberg News

China removed six of its consular officials from the UK following a diplomatic spat over an attack on a Hong Kong man staging a peaceful protest outside the Chinese consulate in Manchester, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said - Bloomberg News

The cost of the goods that make up an English breakfast outpaced broader food inflation last month as rising prices particularly hit staples like milk and eggs - Bloomberg News

A rally took hold in the seconds before the better-than-expected inflation number hit ??? and long-time market observers say regulators should scrutinize the moves - Bloomberg News

Visa will invest $1 billion in its business across Africa as the technology giant seeks to push adoption of digital payments across the continent - Bloomberg News

Long Covid can attack multiple organs and weaken overall immunity for months - Bloomberg News via @BW

Rising climate costs to challenge countries, companies in 2023 - Reuters News

Applications to buy US homes have resumed an upward trend as borrowing costs steadied near an almost three-month low - Bloomberg News

FTSE 100 falls ahead of Fed rate decision; UK inflation eases - Reuters News

Corporate insolvencies jump by a fifth as British companies battle inflationary headwinds, higher borrowing costs and squeezed consumers - Bloomberg News

The UK's competition watchdog is investigating the country's antibiotic market following concerns that firms may be hiking prices during an outbreak of Strep A - Bloomberg News

Switzerland doesn't have to worry quite as much about energy shortages in the coming winter because the country's industry operates significantly more efficient than businesses elsewhere in Europe - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk's prediction that Tesla would have an "epic" end of year looks more off base by the day - Bloomberg News

The IMF has declined a request from UK MPs to explain to Parliament why it made an unsolicited attack on the former government's budget shortly before the plan imploded - Bloomberg News

China fuel demand outlook brightens as road, air traffic jump after COVID curbs ease - Reuters News

U.S., UK export controls hit China's access to Arm's chip designs - FT - Reuters News

Single-use plastic cutlery, plates and polystyrene cups set to be banned in England - Sky News

Malaysia will start reducing power subsidies for large businesses and multinational corporations, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim says - Bloomberg News

G7, Vietnam reach $15.5 bln climate deal to cut coal use -sources - Reuters News

To help curb India's deadly smog, farmers are being urged to sell their waste rather than burn it - Bloomberg News

India-China trade jump is throwing a spanner on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's drive to wean the South Asian nation from relying on its hostile neighbor - Bloomberg News

China is now on track to be free of Covid restrictions by the end of March, three months ahead of earlier estimates, which presumed a more controlled exit:@economics - Bloomberg News

Train strikes and freezing weather have left London's business districts deserted this week as thousands of financial professionals choose to work from home to avoid disrupted commutes - Bloomberg News

India-UK negotiations on free trade agreement to continue - Indian trade ministry - Reuters News

The value of global trade is set to reach a new record this year, increasing by about 12% to an estimated $32 trillion, according to the UN - Bloomberg News

UK wages are rising at close to a record pace, maintaining pressure on the Bank of England to keep hiking interest rates despite a worsening economic outlook - Bloomberg News

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Twitter to lose users, revenue to be flat for two years - Insider Intelligence - Reuters News

As workers strike, UK public sector pay hits 19-year low in real terms - Reuters News

Indonesia files an appeal against the World Trade Organization to assert its right to ban exports of metal ores - Bloomberg News

Bank of England warns higher rates and inflation to squeeze households in 2023 - Reuters News

LATEST: Tesla's market valuefalls below$500 billion for the first time since November 2020 - Bloomberg News

A fresh wave of train strikes has hit Britain's retailers even harder than the omicron variant of Covid-19 that threatened to ruin Christmas last year, according to new data - Bloomberg News

Vienna-based Speedinvest wants to become the Blackrock of early-stage startups after raising one of Europe's largest dedicated funds - Bloomberg News

The European Union must take measures to prevent excessive energy prices in future years, Belgium's energy minister says - Bloomberg News

US companies have talked about cutting their debt loads for years The Federal Reserve may now be ensuring it actually happens - Bloomberg News

After more than 50 years of false starts, nuclear fusion is finally taking a resolute step closer to becoming the world's newest energy source - Bloomberg News

There's no set timetable for when the Central Economic Work Conference, usually attended by President Xi Jinping, will be rescheduled - Bloomberg News

Traders are weighing the impact of Covid infections in China and tighter restrictions on the semiconductor industry from the US and its allies. Ishika Mookerjee reports - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong drops curbs on incoming travellers, scraps COVID app - Reuters News

China's rapid unwinding of Covid Zero restrictions has spurred a sharp recovery in the world's biggest domestic air-travel market - Bloomberg News

"All people want to have less restrictions as much as possible while ensuring activities???socially and economically???can proceed as much as possible." says HK Chief Executive John Lee - Bloomberg News

Missed flights and long queues. Here's how the holiday rush is sparking chaos and anger at India's busiest airport in Delhi. - Bloomberg News

The Bank of England recommends the UK take swift regulatory action to strengthen the pensions market after recent bond market turmoil exposed shortcomings in its oversight - Bloomberg News

Investors are turning less negative on the global growth outlook for next year amid bets on a stronger Chinese economy, according to Bank of America's latest fund manager survey - Bloomberg News

UK wages rise 6.1% from a year earlier, gaining faster than at almost any time in at least two decades - Bloomberg News