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The UK faces 500,000 job losses and a long recession as the Bank of England fights inflation @lizzzburden digs into the latest warnings from Governor Andrew Bailey - Bloomberg News

Investors are fleeing to the safety of cash funds, with $194 billion of inflows into cash since the start of October, the fastest start to a quarter since Q2 2020. - Bloomberg News

"We and the Fed are looking at things through slightly different lenses" Governor Andrew Bailey says people should not be surprised if BOE policy diverges from the US central bank's The latest 75 basis-point hike is not "the new norm," he adds - Bloomberg News

Some economies which followed the Fed in hiking interest rates aggressively are now sounding more worried about the future - Bloomberg News

Credit Suisse is planning a fresh round of job cuts at the global wealth management business starting next week, sources say - Bloomberg News

Geopolitical uncertainty affecting the global food chain is bad news for everyone - Bloomberg News

The era of low interest rates is over. Is the era of low house prices about to begin? - Bloomberg News

The BOE is trying to strike a balance between bringing inflation back to target and preventing an unnecessarily deep recession, says chief economist Huw Pill - Bloomberg News

BREAKING: Former Bank of England governor Mark Carney blames Brexit for rising interest rates and says his warnings about the impact of the UK leaving the EU were right - Bloomberg News

Britain's car market is heading for its worst year for sales in four decades as a growing cost-of-living crisis puts off buyers - Bloomberg News

Twitter employees in the UK are joining trade unions in an effort to better protect their employment rights during mass job cuts announced by billionaire owner Elon Musk Follow live updates - Bloomberg News

Job-cut announcements were up 48% year-over-year in October, with more layoffs "on the way:" Challenger, Gray & Christmas - Bloomberg News

Vietnam's communications ministry is proposing a decree requiring "toxic" information in some situations be removed from social media within three hours - Bloomberg News

Pub's chunky cheese and onion roll goes viral - BBC News

Twitter sued for mass layoffs - Bloomberg News - Reuters News

Twitter owner Elon Musk said the social media company experienced a "massive drop" in revenue as many advertisers withdrew - Bloomberg News

NEW: Credit Suisse is planning a fresh round of job cuts at the global wealth management business starting next week, sources say - Bloomberg News

Malaysia Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob's approval rating drops after he called for snap elections, suggesting increasingly unhappy voters want the government to focus on rising cost of living instead - Bloomberg News

What Musk's first week at Twitter tells us - Financial Times

We don't want no war no more - Youtube

"There's a business closing down every week." From traditional bakeries to popular dim sum shops, businesses in Hong Kong are disappearing at a dizzying pace - Bloomberg News

As Meta pursues an expensive, unproven metaverse strategy, success will depend in part on whether Instagram can pay the bills - Bloomberg News

Twitter's sweeping job cuts, which have already led to a lawsuit in California, will also have to satisfy stringent employment regulations across Europe - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk made a surprise appearance in New York - Bloomberg News

A Twitter employee has told Sky News his laptop has been remotely wiped and he's been locked out of his accounts as the company considers mass layoffs - Bloomberg News

Since the day of its IPO on May 1997, shares of Amazon are still getting trounced by the maker of the Monster energy drink - Bloomberg News

PayPal shares tumble after forecast cut, spending slowdown warning - Reuters News

As Elon Musk prepares to launch Twitter Blue for $8 a month, it's worth remembering the time Bill Gates wanted to make people pay for emails with a virtual postage stamp - Bloomberg News

UK PM Sunak says state cannot fix all problems -The Times - Reuters News

Some of Britain's top economists warned that the Bank of England risks making a bad situation worse by publishing forecasts for a recession based on a path for interest rates that it has no intention of following - Bloomberg News

Twitter started a major round of layoffs, alerting employees of their job status by email after barring the entrances to offices and cutting off workers' access to internal systems overnight - Reuters News

Soaring US interest rates have done little to curb inflation, but they're hitting the housing market hard - Bloomberg News

Vietnam to continue facing difficulties securing fuel supplies - minister - Reuters News

The China market's epic ride highe is a harbinger of what could come if the nation makes visible moves away from the Covid Zero policy that has stifled the economy - Bloomberg News

The pound is already heading for its worst year since 2008 and investors see little upside for sterling in coming months - Bloomberg News

Small business owners have said they are struggling to survive as UK postal workers are set to walk out and amid the looming threat of rail strikes - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong's aggregate balance, a measure of interbank liquidity, will fall below $12.7 billion for the first time since June 2020 - Bloomberg News

Thailand is on course to surpass its target to attract 10 million foreign visitors this year as Malaysians and Indians lead the return of holidaymakers - Bloomberg News

RIP MMT ??? IIF - Financial Times

What if there really was good news out of China on Covid Zero? It may come down to vaccines and springtime, says @johnauthers (via @opinion) - Bloomberg News

This weekend, sit back and enjoy some of our best long reads - Bloomberg News

Here's where to invest $100,000 in Asia right now, according to five experts - Bloomberg News

Property prices in Dubai are still affordable when compared to other global hubs despite surging this year, according to the founder of Emaar Properties - Bloomberg News

Malaysia's economic growth will provide the central bank with more room to tighten monetary policy, caretaker Finance Minister Zafrul Aziz said. - Bloomberg News

Vietnam real estate companies are struggling to obtain loans and face difficulties issuing corporate bonds during the third quarter - Bloomberg News

Meta's stunning stock decline may grab the headlines, but struggles at Amazon and Alphabet show Big Tech's aura of invincibility is no more - Bloomberg News via @BW

Ambassador Andrei #Kelin to @SkyNews: Dangerous #UK actions lead to escalation of the conflict in #Ukraine. Full interview: - Youtube

@RastafariM Mama never raised no fool - Youtube

Twitter handles engaging in impersonation without clearly specifying will be permanently suspended, Musk says - Reuters News

When the Ukraine war began, Western governments rushed to seize Russian oligarchs' yachts. But the idle boats have become a burden for some taxpayers. Read The Big Take - Bloomberg News