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The Swiss franc is likely to strengthen further early next year as investor concerns about the euro area's faltering economy and debt levels will fuel haven flows into the currency - Bloomberg News

Investors are betting the Bank of England will boost the key lending rate a half point to 3.5% - Bloomberg News

The death rate from the omicron Covid variant is now similar to the common flu, China's top medical adviser said - Bloomberg News

Hong Kong and Singapore have long squared off to be the preeminent green finance hub for Asia. That battleground is now shifting to the ESG space, with potentially trillions of dollars at stake - Bloomberg News

Egg shortages and rotting produce could be just the beginning of a food crisis coming for British consumers - Bloomberg News

It used to be said that when the US sneezed, the rest of the world caught a cold. These days, for many members of the global economy, things might be different - Bloomberg News

Institutions outside the US are holding an estimated $65 trillion in "missing" dollar debt off their balance sheets, making it harder for policymakers to anticipate the next financial crisis - Bloomberg News

Good old holiday spirit is failing to bring cheer amid mangled supply chains and depressed factory orders. See how global goods trade is falling victim to worldwide pressures, via the Bloomberg Trade Tracker - Bloomberg News

Extensive rains hit major coffee-producing provinces of Dak Lak, Gia Lai and Kon Tum this month - Bloomberg News

In China's Wuhan, a shadow of reserve and resentment even as COVID lockdowns ease - Reuters News

How a Twitter account with a cat avatar took on Beijing - CNN International

As Tokyo tries to hold the line on inflation, the "decoupling" of the US and China, along with Russia's war on Ukraine, are raising tough questions - Bloomberg News

Ministers oppose proposal on reporting hospitality in new MPs' code. That is at par with Tory values. Ban 2nd jobs for MPs and end rich/corporate funding of political parties - that's how the 1% hijack govts. Let parties be funded by members' subs only. - The Guardian

Venture capital investments are on track for the sharpest drop in more than two decades this year, surpassing the declines of the dot-com crash and the financial crisis - Bloomberg News

No storefronts to buy legal weed? No problem. New York's first legal sales of marijuana will be delivered by bikes and scooters - Bloomberg News

China faces a daunting task after abruptly giving up on Covid Zero, with infections set to surge and deaths predicted to top 2 million - Bloomberg News

Fitch affirms United Kingdom rating at 'AA-' - Reuters News

Tesla's troubles are piling up while Elon Musk is distracted with Twitter - Bloomberg News

China will sell 750 billion yuan ($108 billion) worth of special sovereign bonds next Monday to "support economic and social" development, the Ministry of Finance said in a statement late on Friday - Bloomberg News

'It's dead out here': China's slow exit from zero-COVID - Reuters News

FTSE 100 up as financials gain on UK's move to reform sector - Reuters News

Economists forecast that the Fed is set to disappoint Wall Street and keep rates at their peak throughout 2023, making a recession very likely - Bloomberg News

Thousands of Royal Mail workers stage a rally to mark another strike in an increasingly bitter dispute - Bloomberg News

The UK government has set out a package of financial services reforms that cuts across dozens of areas, but it's unlikely to deliver the dramatic reshaping that some Brexit supporters envisioned - Bloomberg News

The pound had a tough 2022 A recession, political risk and Brexit mean the next few years won't get much easier - Bloomberg News

Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan are likely to be among the beneficiaries of the government's financial services reforms - Bloomberg News

Watchdog warning over passport delays as demand set to be high again next year - Sky News

Twenty oil tankers wait to cross Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait - Reuters News

Factbox: UK sets out financial sector reforms - Reuters News

The first Chinese-made passenger jet was delivered as the country aims to challenge Airbus and Boeing - Bloomberg News

Futures edge higher ahead of producer prices data - Reuters News

Border barrier of shipping containers snakes across Arizona wilderness - Reuters News

The UK government will bring forward a consultation on the case for a central bank digital currency "in the coming weeks," Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says - Bloomberg News

Switzerland's nonstop train across the Alps will link 3 key resort towns - Bloomberg News via @SunandStilettos

After 3 years of Covid, the swiftness of the reversal has caught many in China off-guard. Now the question is, what comes next - Bloomberg News

Amazon, Ashton Kutcher And America's Surveillance Of The Sex Trade - Forbes

The easing of China's zero-Covid policy is likely to lead to a wave of infections that could cause chaos and upwards of a million deaths, some experts say - The Wall Street Journal

What to expect next as China relaxes Covid controls - CNBC

These farmers say climate curbs make it impossible to feed the world and stay in business. So they're fighting back - Bloomberg News

Elon Musk said he's 'open' to buying publishing platform Substack after a Twitter user said it would give him control of the 'narrative layer' of the internet - Bloomberg News

Bentley's CEO delivers a bleak assessment of the damage done by Brexit and the future of the UK car industry - Bloomberg News via @crtrud

UK statistics office cancels producer price data release - Reuters News

UK rents rose twice as fast as wages in the past year - Bloomberg News via @_DamianShepherd

A new survey from the Bank of England shows people have rapidly lost faith in how it's handling inflation Get more with City Latest: - Bloomberg News

Amber Group, one of Asia's leading crypto trading and lending platforms, is cutting over 40% of jobs and terminating a sponsorship deal with Chelsea FC - Bloomberg News

Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by delays in processing passport applications and many had travel plans disrupted as a result, Whitehall's spending watchdog has found - Bloomberg News

Britain to lay out financial reforms to 'turbocharge' growth - Reuters News

The UK is running out of new beds for its ever-growing student population as builders cut back on construction to defend against spiraling inflation - Bloomberg News

Cash use slips to just 15% of British purchases in 2021 - Reuters News

Brexit and the pandemic have exposed an underlying malaise in Britain's university system - Bloomberg News