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Hopes of return to traditional fireworks display fizzle out for fourth year as Hong Kong opts for light shows - South China Morning Post

China's reported gold reserves rise for first time since 2019 - Reuters News

Twitter's CEO complained about the investigation on his own platform, questioning why the city "attacks companies providing beds for tired employees" when it could prioritize enforcing drug laws instead. - Bloomberg News

This is not complete dismantling of zero Covid. And health experts warn of dark days ahead. China is not prepared for surge in cases: low elderly vaccination rate, lack of intensive care capacity in hospitals, did not stockpile enough antiviral medication - CNN

Airlines forced to ration jet fuel in New Zealand, but limited impact seen - Reuters News

Convicted for giving public contracts to her friends. The kind of conduct that Ministers here never even get investigated for. - The Guardian

India to step up gas imports to address summer power demand - Reuters News

The UK could suffer major shortages of electric vehicle mechanics by the end of the decade, a think tank warns - Bloomberg News

China's citizens have a new template to resist President Xi Jinping's excesses - Bloomberg News

India cenbank hikes key policy rate by 35 basis points - Reuters News

China's trade suffers worst slump in 2-1/2 yrs as COVID woes, feeble demand take toll - Reuters News

Airbus is mulling a new rival to the 737, putting a squeeze on Boeing - Bloomberg News

UK house prices fall at the sharpest pace in 14 years after interest rates surged, mortgage lender Halifax says - Bloomberg News

Here are the 10 measures China has ordered officials to follow as it moves toward reopening to the rest of the world - Bloomberg News

China's biggest corporate credit selloff in five years has traders on tenterhooks for a repeat of November's sudden slump in government bonds - Bloomberg News

Egg shortages and rotting produce could be just the beginning of a food crisis coming for British consumers - Bloomberg News

The UK is set to see freezing temperatures along with a blanket of snow for the next few days, boosting energy demand just as output from the nation's wind farms slumps - Bloomberg News

A BrewDog spokesman says: "We respect the ASA's decision and are happy to confirm that beer is not a fruit or a vegetable" - Bloomberg News

Morgan Stanley downgrades Airbnb on travel demand concerns, see shares falling the next 12 months - CNBC

Brexiteers promised us cheap and abundant food, but that is not what we got. Brexit adding to 'crippling' UK food supply crisis, say farming chiefs. Low/middle income families hit the hardest. - The Independent

This is one reason many analysts doubt China's willingness to re-open quickly, despite recent steps to soften pandemic controls: One model shows that a million Chinese are at risk of dying this winter with fewer Covid policies. - Financial Times

EU agrees law to make airlines pay more to pollute - Reuters News

Starting to see real unraveling of China's zero Covid policy. 10 new guidelines unveiled in 1st official change in policy on a national level -now we can enter most places w/o showing health QR codes -mild Covid patients can quarantine at home - CNN

Tesla launches EVs in Thailand amid competition from cheaper brands - Reuters News

Chinese stocks listed in Hong Kong suffer a late-day rout, as investors judge that the path to a reopening will be rocky and the prospects for an economic recovery uncertain - Bloomberg News

Wealthy tourists plan to spend even more on travel in 2023 - Bloomberg News

The rapid rebound from what's set to be the worst year for European stocks since 2018 will likely come to a halt next year, according to strategists - Bloomberg News

The EU will proceed today with two cases against China at the World Trade Organization after talks to resolve the issues with its largest trading partner failed to yield results - Bloomberg News

Dissatisfaction runs deep in China and could still spill over into further protests, according to a Chinese Twitter user who has emerged as a key conduit for activists to get their messages past strict internet controls - Bloomberg News

Two senior economists warn the UK government is fighting a losing battle with unions over public-sector pay that will only extend strikes and delay wage inflation because the bargaining position of workers is too strong - Bloomberg News

Senior Chinese officials are debating an economic growth target for next year of around 5%, according to people familiar with the discussion, as Beijing shifts gears toward bolstering the recovery - Bloomberg News

Beijing drops COVID testing burden as wider easing beckons - Reuters News

Boeing plans to roll out the final 747 jumbo jet late Tuesday from its factory in Everett, Wash., ending production of the aircraft after more than 50 years - Bloomberg News

The UK is accused of covering "a mess up worth billions of pounds" to taxpayers as it tried to rush through the sale of collapsed Bulb Energy - Bloomberg News

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon likened crypto tokens to "pet rocks," continuing his long history of skepticism about the digital assets - Bloomberg News

Malaysia's palm oil producers could lose US$4.6 billion because of worker shortages - South China Morning Post

Sony says it has technology for humanoid robots, just looking for use - Reuters News

Even as China slowly pivots away from Covid Zero, a web of lockdown-like restrictions keep hampering factories - Bloomberg News

More than 10,000 ambulance workers in England and Wales to strike on two days in December - Sky News

European stocks slip after hot services data spark Wall Street sell-off - Financial Times

Airlines warn of higher fares as industry moves to net zero target - The Guardian

Meta's Oversight Board recommended that the company revamp its system exempting high-profile users from its rules, saying the practice privileged the powerful and allowed business interests to influence content decisions - Reuters News

Early study results showed a monoclonal antibody developed by NIH scientists was 88% effective at preventing malaria in adults. - Bloomberg News

Chinese state-backed hackers reportedly stole millions of US Covid relief money - The Independent

House prices in Ireland are set to continue to rise from current record levels as surging rental costs and population growth buoy demand - Bloomberg News

U.S. stock futures wobbled, putting indexes on course to hold on to the prior day's sharp losses. - The Wall Street Journal

This is how the UK uses its land - Bloomberg News

Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. says inflation is "running rampant and out of control" after data show price increases quickened to a 14-year high in November - Bloomberg News

Asian stocks draw highest monthly foreign inflows in two years - Reuters News

BREAKING: Tory peer Baroness Michelle Mone will take a leave of absence from the House of Lords with immediate effect, the Press Association understands. Read more: - Bloomberg News Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube