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Samsung, LG plan multi-billion-dollar additional investment in Vietnam - Reuters News

Anne Sacoolas advised by US government not to attend sentencing in person - Sky News

Rishi Sunak drops plans to impose mandatory housebuilding targets on local UK councils, a major climbdown in the face of a brewing rebellion by his party members - Bloomberg News

Natural Mystic - Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers live at HOB Chicago (1999) - Youtube

China was relatively late in developing a car industry that can compete on engine technology, but the shift to electric gives it the chance to win a chunk of the market. By 2031 it is projected to have more production capacity in Europe than anywhere else - Financial Times

Meta has long given preferential treatment to VIP Facebook and Instagram users under its "cross check" program and misled the public, its oversight board said - The Wall Street Journal

Asda is accelerating its push into convenience stores as the UK's third-largest supermarket operator seeks to expand its market share - Bloomberg News

Royal estates, railways that could stretch from London to Sydney, and half a million miles of hedgerow Here's how the UK uses its land - Bloomberg News

One of the SPAC industry's most well-known sponsors and a would-be serial backer have seen deals worth $10.6 billion go up in smoke in less than an hour - Bloomberg News

The US dollar is rallying Monday after a services gauge signaled the economy remains strong - Bloomberg News

More than 200,000 Britons who left the UK labour market in the year to July reported suffering from long-Covid, official statistics show - Bloomberg News

China readies new COVID rules as investors cheer easing shift - Reuters News

The risk to oil markets and the global economy is that Russia retaliates to the sanctions by shutting off supply - Bloomberg News

@MetaNewsroom @facebook @instagram Meta faces record EU privacy fines - Politico Europe

Morgan Stanley strategist Michael Wilson once again is a stock market bear - Bloomberg News

Robert Jenrick said that the UK was looking at new legislation, including tightening the rules on student visas - Bloomberg News

Chinese cities ease curbs but full zero-COVID exit seen some way off - Reuters News

Chinese astronauts land back on Earth after six-month mission - Sky News

Africa Unite 20:08 - Youtube

The Marley Brothers - Smile Jamaica Concert 2008 - Youtube

"Both China and the United States are struggling to end the excesses of crony capitalism. But the two countries are pursuing this goal very differently." - Bloomberg News

Secret 9/11 memo reveals Bush rewriting the history of the 9/11 attacks and the warnings he'd tuned out - Business Insider

The latest UK census wipes out the number of Jedi Knight followers after 20 years of inclusion - Bloomberg News

More and more crypto platforms are preventing customers from withdrawing their assets - Bloomberg News

We're facing the most widely forecast recession in history???and investors don't seem to care - The Wall Street Journal

Chinese cities ease curbs but full zero-COVID exit seen some way off - Reuters News

Brexit opportunities fund criticised over rebadging existing schemes - Financial Times

Tech start-ups shun Singapore and Hong Kong for US Spacs - Financial Times @ftchina

The move will see Amazon ply about $100m (81.3m) per year into the platform, now owned by Elon Musk, according to Reuters news agency, citing a tweet from the tech blog Platformer - Bloomberg News

Industrial fishing kills tens of millions of sharks every year. This new technology repels them from danger - Bloomberg News

"People tend to view time spent in airports as wasted time but we are in Paris here" - Bloomberg News

US unveils nuclear stealth bomber as tensions with China rise - Sky News

Could Amazon Be Replacing Recruiters With Artificial Intelligence Software? - Bloomberg News

'Hong Kong unlikely to ease more Covid curbs before end of winter peak season' - South China Morning Post

Beijing, Shenzhen loosen more COVID curbs as China fine-tunes policy - Reuters News

Good news for coffee drinkers: The cost of arabica coffee is down, bringing some relief to consumers and potentially contributing to food deflation - Bloomberg News

Fast fashion has flooded the world with clothing. But little of it gets recycled, leaving countries like Ghana to choke on the discards - Bloomberg News

Shipping companies are paying record prices for specialized second-hand oil tankers as they strive to move Russian oil after harsh Western sanctions take effect - The Wall Street Journal

Heineken plans to raise beer prices where possible next year to offset surging costs for raw materials and energy, particularly in Europe - Bloomberg News

The EU is trying to mount an ambitious 106 million mission ??? aimed at training 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers - Bloomberg News

The call-up of men to fight in Ukraine has left labor so scarce in Russia that entire industries are in distress - Bloomberg News

New York and Singapore top of the list of the world's most expensive cities - Bloomberg News

Countries split on plastics treaty focus as UN talks close - Reuters News

Larry Summers says the Fed will need to raise rates more than expected, and warns the economy could slide suddenly like an "avalanche" - Bloomberg News

Global food prices fell for an eighth month in November, in a sign that inflationary pressures may be easing - Bloomberg News

China's young protesters are exploiting cracks in the country's "Great Firewall" through sharing news by word of mouth or social media apps, but the government is moving fast to silence them - Bloomberg News

These are the cities where luxury home prices are set to rise and fall the most in 2023 - Bloomberg News

The pound is on track for its fourth straight weekly advance against the dollar for the first time since January City Latest: - Bloomberg News

Musk is finding navigating the world of free speech increasingly tricky - Bloomberg News

Coronavirus cases in UK rise above one million - Sky News